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    posted : Writer : Avianna ***** , FL

    I was worried about how this wig would look on me because I don't usually wear wigs like this but I was surprised at how cute this wig turned out on me! It gave me a very sophisticated look. I can see myself wearing this wig for events and business meetings. It's very light and not overwhelming. The style is manageable. I'm glad I purchased this wig. Once again, another successful order from Hairsisters!!


    Here are my first impressions and full review of this wig:


    posted : Writer : Lisa ***** ,

    I wear this style as a full wig...I do leave my edges out and incorporate it into the hairstyle when I wear styles that have my hair pulled back and this unit matches my natural grade of hair which is VERY NAPPY perfectly!!! I don't even bother taking this unit off at night...I just put on my silk bonnet and it's FINE!  I NEVER use a comb or a brush on this unit...just pulling the curls through with my fingers...and I've never any product on this unit either...Remember, this unit is for those who have a preference for the rough and natural look...there is NOTHING smooth about it!  The colors are magnificent, which is ALWAYS the case with Outre...and the unit is VERY FULL!  Just pull through the curls when you first get it...and don't be afraid to mix it up...and don't be afraid of the shapes you get...this is truly for the NAPPY HAIR DON'T CARE SQUAD!!!!


    posted : Writer : Angie ***** , CT

    This wig is beautiful. It behaves like human hair like Remy. When you first open it, it will be soft and beautiful curls that doesnt require too much manipulation. You can run your fingers through it easily. Now over time she will get bigger and will begin to have some tangles when you run your fingers through. Once she became tangly,I would spritz some water onto her and she would revert back. Which is why I say she behaves like human hair. I had another synthetic wig with similar length and style but it got tangled and matted really quickly and water wouldnt help, so this wig was a lot more easier to deal with than the other wig I got similar to this.

    She comes long. I would say to me she came to almost my butt (I'm 5'2 so it may depend on height) and I was going to cut her but everyone said it looked nice long on me so I kept it. When she got too crazy, i would just cut the ends and eventually cut her to a shoulder length style which still looked beautiful. She comes with a few layers but I added some more to look more believable. She is also flowy and not stiff which looks more like "human hair". She lasted for months. I would switch her sometime with another wig which made her last even longer but even for a month wearing it 24/7 it still lasted. If I wanted to I could wash her and wear it again several months later. She can be style is various ways. A great summer or traveling/vacation wig because she is "water friendly". Very light not heavy. Not too big for those who dont like big hair, she is in my opinion "in-between"

    She was one of my faves. A must buy!


    posted : Writer : Angie ***** , CT

     This wig is perfect for naturals and transitioners! When it first arrives it comes very soft and very long. At first I was going to cut it but it looked very nice on my long(well thats what my bf said lol). Over time it looks more natural as in it gets thick and a little tangly. After a month it did get more tangly so I had to brush it A LOT with a wig brush. Get a very good brush for this one. But it does make it look more natural since black hair is tangly as well eseocially when you wear it in a kinky straight style. Sometimes I wear it as a full wig and just take my front hair out or wear a hat or headband. Other times I wear my hair out and eithe flat iron it or just comb it and it still matches the wigs texture.

       This wig you can style in multiple ways (pony tails, buns(though take your hair out or wear a headband). I've worn this mostly 24/7 for 2/3 months. I still have it and could wear it again I'll just have to comb the heck out of it. It will get more stiff over time so it wont be as flowy as it it the first weeks you wear it. You could fla iron once it gets matted but it will permanently change the texture. I havent watched after it got tangly so dont know if it reverts back new once washed but I do recommend giving it a try.

      I've gotten so many compliments with this one and it blends so flawlessly with my hair. If you plan on wearing this 24/7, I recommend purchasing 2 and switching the wigs everyday or week to not wear it out or wearing one for a few months then once it gets wild and matted, wear the new one. Anyways this is a MUST BUY. You must have this in your collection. Similar wigs are Janet Collection Bisa which is a little bit more straighter like a relaxed style, then the Dominican Blow outs wigs, then another wig named Faye (i think) but its a little shorter like shoulder length. 


    posted : Writer : Angie ***** , CT

    Bisa is beautiful!

    She is very realistic looking. She looks like real african american relaxed hair. I'm not into the silky textured wig becuase it doesnt look natural in my opinion. Bisa is nice and thick and very long. You will have to cut some layers into the wig to make it look more natural. The wig is long but if you are used to cutting/styling your wigs, shouldnt be an issue. I cut mine to a little past the shoulder. You may also want to tweeze the parting to give it a more realistic look. The cap is average size, wasnt as tight as most caps feel on me(I have thick hair). Everyone thought it was my real hair, like I straightened it. My hair is usually this texture when I flat iron it(with a really good flat iron). She lasted a while too. She does get a little tangly but I just cut the ends. Its less tangly when its cut short like mine was. Dont know how it is long tho. You can do a lot of styles with it too and wear with hats like beanies and baseball caps. This was a good wig and I would buy again if I could. Check out reviews from youtubers like TheHeartsandCake90, DeeDee Woods,, for some wig review on the wig.